A Deadly Cocktail of Deception: The Kouri and Eric Richins Story

Jonathan Harker
4 min readMay 17

“I just wanted some story to read to my kids at night” — Kouri Richins, Murderer and Children’s book author

The life of Eric Richins, a beloved basketball coach, children’s soccer coach, and avid hunter, ended in a tragic and unexpected manner. The 39-year-old, well-regarded for his sterling character and active lifestyle, was found dead at his home on March 4, 2022. His wife, Kouri, claimed he died of a brain aneurysm, but the subsequent investigation revealed a different, darker truth.

Eric and Kouri Richins had been married since June 15, 2013, having met at a Home Depot where Kouri worked. By all appearances, they were a regular couple, but behind closed doors, their relationship was riddled with suspicion and alleged betrayal. Eric reportedly expressed concerns to a friend that Kouri was trying to poison him. This suspicion was ignited after a trip to Greece a few years prior when he fell violently ill after consuming a drink Kouri had given him. His fear became more palpable after he fell sick following a Valentine’s Day dinner at home in 2022.

Kouri and Eric Richins. Source.

Moscow Bull

Evidence collected during the investigation pointed towards a disturbing turn of events. On the night of his death, Kouri prepared a Moscow Mule for Eric, a cocktail they enjoyed in bed as they celebrated the impending closure of a house deal. Kouri claimed she retired to sleep with one of their children due to the child’s night terrors. When she woke around 3:00 am, she found Eric unresponsive and cold to the touch. An autopsy revealed that Eric died from a lethal overdose of illicit fentanyl, approximately five times the lethal dosage.

Liar Liar

A series of unfortunate events unfolded following Eric’s death. Kouri was seen as grieving and moved to write a children’s book that dealt with different emotions and the grieving process. She appeared on Good Things Utah, promoting her book, which she said was aimed at helping herself and her children deal with their loss. But there were…

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