CCTV Captures Husband Chasing Wife And Tossing Her Off Balcony

Jonathan Harker
5 min readJan 19
Source. Youtube with author collage in Canva.

The following article contains real-life spousal abuse caught on camera. The images posted here are extremely disturbing to view. Mature audiences only.

Nobody knows what Tatiane Spitzner could have possibly said or did or what conversations transpired to enrage her husband on the night he tossed her from the 5th-floor balcony.

Sadly, this wasn’t the first time he’s chased her, nor was it the first time that he’s punched her, again and again — the still fresh bruises are evidence of her daily torment. But it was the last time — where the abuse escalated to murder.


From the moment Tatiane Spitzner, 29, and her husband Luis Felipe Manvailer, 32, enter the camera’s view, we can see the abuse. 22 July 2018 at 02:34 am, the couple’s white sedan pulls into the frame. Manvailer, on the driver’s side, draws his hands from the steering wheel and strikes his wife in her face.

Tatiane opens her door. She tries to escape, but her husband yanks her back inside, and they drive into the parking garage where her nightmare continues.

The sickening violence continues in the underground car park with the victim being physically assaulted, kicked, throttled, chased across an underground car park and into the elevator where she is brutally battered, overpowered and restrained as she desperately tries to get away. — The Sun

After screeching the car to a sudden stop inside the parking garage, Manvailer races around to the passenger’s door and rips it open.

Seconds later, he crimps his fingers around her thin neck and, using his body weight, presses her frame against the passenger door; she struggles to gasp a little air.

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