Coroner Discovered Gruesome Remains of girl “fused” and “melted” into the family couch

“I have been a sheriff for six years, and I have had a lot of things happen here in East Feliciana Parish, but this type of scene, this is by far the worst.” — Sheriff Jeffery Travis, expressing the severity of the situation.

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In the quiet town of Slaughter, Louisiana, a heartbreaking case unfolded, revealing the unimaginable suffering of a young woman named Lacey Fletcher. Found dead in her home, Lacey’s harrowing ordeal shed light on the depths of neglect she endured for years. This article delves into the distressing details surrounding Lacey’s tragic circumstances, the shocking state in which she was discovered, and the legal aftermath that ensued.

The Disturbing Discovery:

On January 3, 2022, at 2 a.m., a chilling 911 call from Shelia Fletcher, Lacey’s mother, alerted authorities to the distressing situation. When the Sheriff’s Deputy and Coroner Dr. Ewell Bickham arrived at the residence on Tom Drive, they were met with an overwhelming stench of feces, urine, and decay. The scene they encountered was beyond words.

“When I first walked in the house, it smelled of feces, fecal material, however you want to put that politely, it stunk.” — Coroner Dr. Ewell Bickham, describing the foul odor at the scene.

Lacey found dead on the couch. Source.

Lacey’s Horrific Condition

In a horrifying scene, Lacey was found almost buried up to her shoulders in a worn-out hole on the sofa, her body emaciated and covered in excrement. She was naked except for a small blue patterned T-shirt that offered minimal coverage. The room was filled with filth and squalor, contrasting with a nearby commode, clothes, and seemingly available resources for cleanliness. The sight of Lacey’s raw and deteriorated flesh, with areas seemingly eaten away, painted a haunting picture of her prolonged suffering.

“In a horrifying scene, Lacey was found almost…



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