She Can’t Cheat If She Has No Head.. The Disturbing Case of Dorothy Eggers.

Williamson and his friend looked down the California canyon and spotted a suspicious bundle below. Photo by LUFANG CAO on Unsplash
The torso was missing the head and had “raw stumps” where the hands should have been. Source

“You’re Not A Real Man, Arthur Eggers!”

No one truly understands why Dorothy Eggers married her husband. She thought of Arthur Eggers, a clerk for the San Francisco Police Department, as a feeble and pitiful man. Although it was probably hard for her to consider him a “man” at all.

Arthur Eggers snapped after many infidelities from his wife, Dorthy. Source



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Jonathan Harker

Jonathan Harker

Hey! My name is Jonathan. I’m a true crime writer and podcast producer.