The Strange Death of Feces-Covered Man Found Down Women’s Toilet

“Surprised, I went around to the outside sump and the lid was open, and when I looked inside, I could see human legs.” — Teacher who found man’s corpse down toilet

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In the realm of true crime, some cases remain etched in our collective memory due to their inexplicable nature. One such enigma is the death of Naoyuki Kanno, a young Japanese man whose lifeless body was discovered in a septic tank in Miyakoji Village, Tamura County, Fukushima Prefecture.

The circumstances surrounding his demise have baffled investigators and sparked numerous theories, from the mundane to the politically charged.

The Discovery

On the evening of February 28, 1989, a 23-year-old female teacher, residing in a house adjacent to the elementary school in Miyakoji Village, made a startling discovery. As she entered her bathroom, she noticed what appeared to be a shoe in the tank.

The septic system where Kanno was found. Source.

“When I go home to the teacher’s house next to the elementary school where I live, I go into the bathroom and casually look inside and see something that looks like a shoe.” — 23-year-old female teacher who made the discovery.

Alarmed, she ventured outside to inspect the external sump, only to find the lid open and human legs protruding from within. The authorities were promptly notified, setting in motion an investigation that would leave more questions than answers.

The Victim: Naoyuki Kanno

Naoyuki Kanno, a 26-year-old resident of Miyakoji Village, had gone missing on February 24, four days prior to the discovery of his body.

Naoyuki Kanno. Source.

Autopsy results indicated that he had likely perished on February 26, succumbing to freezing temperatures and thoracic circulatory failure. Strangely, despite the frigid…



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